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Wearing the Correct Bra Size?

So I caved in and finally did it. I was fitted for a proper bra. At first, I was a little nervous, how intrusive was this going to be? Was I going to have to strip down to my birthday suit to be fitted? However, I have to say my experience was very pleasant and I came home not only looking like a new person, but in a bra that was functional and still made me feel a little sexy.

The sales woman gave me some information that actually made a lot of sense. Did I know that 80% of women are wearing the incorrect bra size? She explained to me that over the years you may have gained weight or lost weight. Therefore it wasn’t a bad idea to be refitted once a year or so. She informed me that women wearing the wrong bra size can do serious damage to the neck and back. Not wanting to fall into this category, I was ready to be fitted by a professional.

The fitting started out by her measuring my bust, and then us discussing what type of bras I was into. I prefer a more full contour cup with a little padding. Enough to be a buffer without making me look like a Baywatch babe. She gave me several bras to try on while explaining that no two bras fit the same (similar to those designer jeans that I love.) She looked at me in the bras to make sure there wasn’t a gap in the cup, or that the back wasn’t riding up. (If so, you are in the wrong bra.) I learned that 90% of support comes from the band, not the straps. Who knew?

I was able to find two bras, that were so comfortable I didn’t even feel like I was wearing anything. Not only was the price comparable to what a big department store would have been, I felt comfortable in the small boutique with the knowledgeable sales staff. So, the professional bra fitting was a success. I recommend it to all gals out there who aren’t quite sure if they are wearing the correct bra size

Until next time…Bonne Nuit!

Skin Ceuticals

90% of visible premature aging is caused by environmental damage.

Basically, more than sunscreen is needed!

According to Skin Ceuticals research, “90% of of visible premature aging is caused by environmental damage. Even the best broad spectrum only blocks 55% of UV-induced free radicals and NONE of IRA-induced free radicals.”

Skin Ceuticals have protection for your lovely face from the indoors and outdoors.

Inside Skin Ceuticals- Bonne Nuit carries “antioxidant protection” for the inside, wich neutrializes UVA and IRA induced free radicals. It prevents induced collagen breakdown and promotes new collagen synthesis. It also accelerates cellular renewal.

Outside Skin Ceuticals- Bonne Nuit also carries sunscreen protection. It provides UVA protection. It protects with broad spectrum coverage. It also decreases UV- induced premature aging! The sunscreens come in, in SPF 50 and 30.

Sugarboo Designs

Sugarboo Designs PaperweightSugarboo Designs has these fabulous new paper weights that are great for gifts! They have different designs and quotes that will melt your heart. Bonne Nuit also carries signs with these types of quotes that are 2′ by 3′.

“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.” –Dali Lama

Importance of Shopping Locally

You’ve heard the saying, “Buy Local, Shop Local!” After hearing this, I immediately thought of “Go Green.” While I try my best to remember my reusable bags at the grocery store, I sometimes forget. As I do the adorable shops just right around the corner. When I began to work for small retail boutiques, I began to realize how important these local shops are to our communities. Not only did they have unique items that can’t be found just anywhere, I also find myself connecting with the staff. The sales people soon become acquaintances and friends. They know what I like, what looks good on me, and give great suggestions. Wouldn’t you rather buy your vegetables from a local farmer? Or give a baby blanket as a gift that was hand sewn by someone who lives in your city? Sometimes it’s the connection to your home town that makes the item have significant meaning.

These local shops are the heartbeats of our neighborhoods. Not only do they keep money in the area, they hire your neighbors, help pay the taxes, and truly help to create a real sense of community. While, I’d heard small businesses keep the economy moving, I never realized how true this was. So next time, before you make that long drive to the mall, Town Center, or even to Atlanta, look around your neighborhood. You may be surprised to see what your local businesses have to offer.

Until next time…Bonne Nuit!

Angels in Our Midst

Angels in Our Midst“Anne Herring Neilson began her artistic career with a successful pottery business, Herring Designs, Inc. (1989 to 1997). After a brief interlude spent focused on her growing family, she rekindled her lifelong passion for art in 2003 when she began painting in oils. Neilson quickly became nationally known for her ethereal Angel Series paintings which are inspiring reflections of her faith and flair for color and light. In addition to her popular Angel paintings, Neilson’s repertoire includes dramatic landscapes featuring scenes from her travels.”

“In October 2012 Neilson self-published Angels In Our Midst, a beautiful art book sharing inspirational and personal stories behind her Angel Series paintings. Currently in its fourth printing, the remarkably popular book sold 10,000 copies in just one year.”

“As a result of her successful national shows and the growing popularity of her work, Neilson’s art has captured the interest of discerning art collectors. Her works hang in both public and private collections internationally, including those of several celebrities. Anne lives in Charlotte, NC, with her husband and their four children.”

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