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Importance of Shopping Locally

You’ve heard the saying, “Buy Local, Shop Local!” After hearing this, I immediately thought of “Go Green.” While I try my best to remember my reusable bags at the grocery store, I sometimes forget. As I do the adorable shops just right around the corner. When I began to work for small retail boutiques, I began to realize how important these local shops are to our communities. Not only did they have unique items that can’t be found just anywhere, I also find myself connecting with the staff. The sales people soon become acquaintances and friends. They know what I like, what looks good on me, and give great suggestions. Wouldn’t you rather buy your vegetables from a local farmer? Or give a baby blanket as a gift that was hand sewn by someone who lives in your city? Sometimes it’s the connection to your home town that makes the item have significant meaning.

These local shops are the heartbeats of our neighborhoods. Not only do they keep money in the area, they hire your neighbors, help pay the taxes, and truly help to create a real sense of community. While, I’d heard small businesses keep the economy moving, I never realized how true this was. So next time, before you make that long drive to the mall, Town Center, or even to Atlanta, look around your neighborhood. You may be surprised to see what your local businesses have to offer.

Until next time…Bonne Nuit!