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Wearing the Correct Bra Size?

So I caved in and finally did it. I was fitted for a proper bra. At first, I was a little nervous, how intrusive was this going to be? Was I going to have to strip down to my birthday suit to be fitted? However, I have to say my experience was very pleasant and I came home not only looking like a new person, but in a bra that was functional and still made me feel a little sexy.

The sales woman gave me some information that actually made a lot of sense. Did I know that 80% of women are wearing the incorrect bra size? She explained to me that over the years you may have gained weight or lost weight. Therefore it wasn’t a bad idea to be refitted once a year or so. She informed me that women wearing the wrong bra size can do serious damage to the neck and back. Not wanting to fall into this category, I was ready to be fitted by a professional.

The fitting started out by her measuring my bust, and then us discussing what type of bras I was into. I prefer a more full contour cup with a little padding. Enough to be a buffer without making me look like a Baywatch babe. She gave me several bras to try on while explaining that no two bras fit the same (similar to those designer jeans that I love.) She looked at me in the bras to make sure there wasn’t a gap in the cup, or that the back wasn’t riding up. (If so, you are in the wrong bra.) I learned that 90% of support comes from the band, not the straps. Who knew?

I was able to find two bras, that were so comfortable I didn’t even feel like I was wearing anything. Not only was the price comparable to what a big department store would have been, I felt comfortable in the small boutique with the knowledgeable sales staff. So, the professional bra fitting was a success. I recommend it to all gals out there who aren’t quite sure if they are wearing the correct bra size

Until next time…Bonne Nuit!

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